Football is nothing without the fans. USAnfield is nothing without the fans. Literally. You guys keep this thing going and our mics warm. 


We have created a Patreon page. (

Patreon is a way to show some love to people that you get value from. For us, we make Liverpool content, specifically podcasts and the podcast costs money to produce. We have created a Patreon page to allow our listeners to partner with us to help produce the podcast. 

The great thing about Patreon is it includes rewards. There are currently three possible rewards:

$1: Joining our Patron slack chat and a mention on this website

$3: Access to a private USAnfield podcast feed for Patreon subscribers only

$5: You get to pick a topic or segment on one of our podcasts.

We tried to make it so that you can support and you won't even feel it. $1 a month is such a small amount that you probably won't recognize it. But $1 a month for us keeps the lights on and goes a very long way. 

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Special thank you to our current patrons:

David Zeller

Casey O'Brien

Patrick Delaney

Patrick Sullivan

Gary Tilkens

Dylan Sobey

City of Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club:

Giving: USAnfield has pledged to give 50% of all support from our listeners outside of production costs to Alder Hey Children's Charity in Liverpool. We all greatly benefit from the club and the city, and we here at USAnfield want to offer the chance for supporters to give back to community of Liverpool as well. If you feel the need to donate further, please click through the Alder Hey logo above and you will be taken directly their donation page. You'll Never Walk Alone.


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