A Beginner's Guide to the Premier League

It is hard to compare how leagues work in world football to other sports but I’ll do my best. As always, with any sport, you will find different variations of league formats from one country to another. Mainly, we will deal with the English Premier League, but if you have questions about another league, we would be happy to answer them as well.

Why the Premier League?

1. Access

This is a huge bonus of watching the Premier League in the States. NBC Sports airs EVERY match. Matches are primarily on Saturday and Sunday morning and rarely too early. If you live on the west coast, like me, you’ll have your occasional 4:30am match, but that’s like twice a year. More often matches are 7:00am PST or later. 

2. Quality

There are three leagues that most world football fans would consider to be the best. The Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany).  These are the three leagues where the best players in the world play (apart from a few teams from France and Italy). The reason that most Premier League fans will give you for watching the Premier League is the level of competition throughout the league. In other leagues, it tends to be the best 2-4 teams and then 16 others. 

3. Competition

There are 20 teams in the Premier League every year. It is not hyperbole to say that any team can win on any day. Though, like any other sport in the world, there are teams that tend to win more often, have better players, and play more quality football. 

The Premier League is the only league in the world that gives you all three of these. As the sport is constantly growing in the States, it is likely that access will improve, which will drive revenue, and players transfers to other leagues may change this situation. But as for now, the Premier League is the highest combination of access, quality, and competition.