5 Times Simon Mignolet Saved Liverpool

By Heath Harshman

He may not be perfect, but Simon Mignolet is ours. And more often than not, he’s performed better than expected for the Reds. Liverpool’s Champions League qualifying match against Hoffenheim in Germany midweek was another example of just how much the squad leans on their goalkeeper. The Belgian international doesn’t often get the credit he deserves, while simultaneously receiving more than his fair-share of criticism when things don’t go right.

Since making the move from Sunderland to LFC in the summer of 2013, Mignolet has come up clutch in key moments dozens of times. Saving penalties, stopping stars, and securing important points have been common characteristics of some of his biggest moments as a Red.

Although he may not have always been in the Gaffer, or the fan’s, best graces, Mignolet is certainly worthy of his current standing as Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper. He’s recorded 43 clean sheets in 137 appearances in the Premier League for Liverpool, while not always having the most defensive-minded teams on the field in front of him.

Celebrating his impressive performance on Tuesday against Hoffenheim, here are a few of our favorite Mignolet moments over the years.

Mignolet Makes the most of his LFC Debut

No no, Wayne

Stopping Costa from the spot at Stamford Bridge

Mignolet comes into his own, at Stoke's expense yet again

Clutch in the Champions League

No matter your opinion on Simon Mignolet’s time as Liverpool’s number one option at goalkeeper, he’s had plenty of praise-worthy moments. From his club debut, to last Tuesday in Germany, Mignolet has shown again and again that he’s capable of producing top-tier performances. Consistency is the key, and some help at the back wouldn’t hurt. But Mignolet has the talent to help guide Liverpool to the Premier League title as the team’s top keeper.