A Beginner's Guide to English Tournaments

A Beginner's Guide to English Tournaments

As previously explained, the most important cup for teams in England to win is the Premier League title (most points). However, it is still important to see your club raise a trophy nonetheless. It gets put in the trophy case, on the manager's CV, your club gets prize money, and written in the history books forever.

There are two English teams tournaments during every season: the FA cup and the EFL cup.

1. The FA Cup 

Short for the Football Association Cup, this competition includes ALL 10 leagues in England. It is the oldest football competition in the world (1871). There are 12 randomly drawn rounds, a semifinal, and a final. The teams in the top 4 leagues get byes in the first half of the rounds based on their status in England. The tournament begins at the beginning of the season and the final is traditionally the last match of the English season (near the end of May). Funny story: On Casey's first trip to England, he played in a FA Cup match under an English alias for Brookmans Park FC out of a dumb stroke of luck... or as he likes to say, Destiny. No Joke.

2. The EFL Cup

Short for the English Football League Cup, is a tournament played with the top 4 leagues of English football. For the record, the names of the leagues are:

The Premier League

The Championship 

(English) League One

(English) League Two

The EFL cup is matched up according to seeds with top teams getting byes in the early rounds. The matches are played in "ties" which means each round the teams play one home and one away match. The team with the most goals between the two games wins. If there is a tie, tie goes to team with most away goals. If there is still a tie, it goes to extra time.

The final is played in February at Wembley Stadium in London. The final of every tournament is only one match, with extra time and penalty kicks if the occasion calls for it.

Liverpool have won the EFL Cup 8 times, more than any other team.

Boss tha.