A Beginner's Guide to the Premier League Table

A Beginner's Guide to the Premier League Table

In the Premier League (and most other leagues in the world) the standings are referred to as the"table."

1. How the table works

20 teams in the Premier League. Each team plays home and away. 38 games. 3 points for a win. 1 point for a draw. Whoever has the most points at the end is the champion.

So....there aren't playoffs?

No. There are tournaments going on during the season for Premier League teams that have a playoff format, but the goal for every Premier League team is to win the League. (Most points). There are other tournaments throughout Europe that Premier League teams can qualify for depending on their place in the Premier League table as well, but we will get to that later.

What if teams are tied in points?

The team who has the highest goal differential (goals for minus goals against) is the winner.

2. Promotion/Relegation

There are 10 tiers of English football, the Premier League being the top. Every year the bottom 3 teams of each table get "relegated" to the league below. The top 3 teams of every league get "promoted" to the league above. Think if every years the worst 3 teams in the NFL like Cleveland, San Francisco, and San Diego dropped down into D1 College football, and the best three teams in college football like Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State moved up to the NFL. Same concept, just with monumental financial implications.

This is what makes the league so competitive. While in most sports the worst team in the league eventually phones it in to get the best draft pick next season, the threat of being relegated forces all clubs to give it their all. There is also no draft in the Premier League. If you're good, teams will just buy you. You will have 17 year olds that start in world football. Age doesn't matter much. Only skill and composure.

A simple Google search for "Premier League Table" will give you the most up to date table. Here is what it looked like on week 22: